Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Upholstery Cleaning - Frequently Asked Questions

Below we answer some of the most asked questions we receive about cleaning upholstery and the professional service Green Cleaning For You provide: 1) Will Cleaning Detergent Leave behind any stickiness or shine on my suite? The cleaning products we use will not leave behind any residue on the sofa after it is cleaned. 2) Will pet dander be removed during the cleaning process? Yes, dog and any other animal hair will be removed during the cleaning process 3) Will cleaning my suite remove cat urine? Cat or any animal urine can be removed only if it didn't get deep into the fabric. If it gets to the foam or sofa frame, it is no longer possible to remove it using a professional cleaning service and it will be a job for the upholsterer.

4) Can all types of stain be removed? Not all kinds of stains are the same. We can never guarantee that the stain is removable, as we have to inspect the stain first and then we will be able to determine if it is removable. 5) Can chewing gum can be removed? Yes, removing chewing gum or any sticky food or sweets can be achieved with our cleaning method. 6) What type of suites can you clean? We can clean all suites: Leather, Fabric, suede, etc - if it has foam we can clean it! If you are in the Dublin area, and need more information about any particular upholstery stains or any other cleaning needs, please feel free to contact us on (01) 839 7730 or visit our website at

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