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Carpet Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Below we answer some of the most asked questions we receive about cleaning carpets and the professional service Green Cleaning For You provide.

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Are carpet cleaning chemicals dangerous?

* Most of the chemicals are environmentally friendly. It depends on how heavy the dirt is and how deep the stains are on the carpet sometimes we have to use a stronger product to get better results. For normal carpet maintenance, there is no need to use stronger products as we get excellent results from our eco-friendly product line.

* It is important to note that preparation is key and we pre-treat in a lot of cases before doing the carpet clean

Why does my carpet smell after cleaning?

It is sometimes difficult to determine why there is a bad smell after the cleaning process. Below are some reasons why this can happen.

There are lots of reasons why the carpet may still smell after the cleaning process:
* Stains from food, drinks, urine etc (growing up bacteria)
* Underlay (the stain gets so deep and catches the underlay and even if we do the cleaning process properly the smell will come back this one is hard to discover) we have had this problem before and have discovered that the carpet is absolutely perfect but the underlay got damaged.
* Carpets made from the natural pile can smell after the cleaning and this is normal if you do not use any deodoriser in the cleaning process.
* We use a deodoriser to ensure your carpet smells fresh after the job is completed. If by any chance the bad smell is “coming up” contact us to resolve the problem.

How long will it take to dry my carpet after cleaning?

When determining drying time a few factors need to be considered: * The type of pile that makes up the carpet * Carpet Thickness * Weather is a big factor. Cold weather means a slower drying time! * Is there Fresh air flowing – this can speed up the drying process too * Warmth of the room * Usually drying time is up to 3 hours.

Can carpet cleaning kill fleas?

In short, yes, but fleas are all around the room and if only the carpets are cleaned they could be lurking elsewhere in the room and then quickly reinfect your cleaned carpets. They love places like sofas, bedding, blankets, pillows. We do a full prep and our technicians can advise how to eradicate them from your furnishings!

Can carpet cleaning make dogs sick?

This is a tricky question. Dogs, in some ways, are like people. What makes one person ill does not necessarily make another one ill. If you are unsure it’s best to give us a call and we can go over the products we use to ensure they won’t affect your pet.

Will carpet cleaning remove paint?

In short, yes. We can remove paint but it is dependent on the quantity – a few drops yes but a whole can spilled on your carpet or rug is an entirely different story! Removal of paint is also dependent on the type of paint that was spilled and how long it is there. If you are at all unsure give us a call to discuss further.

Will carpet cleaning get rid of dust mites?


Can Carpet Cleaning remove Red Wine Stains?

Red wine stains can be removed but on some occasions depending on how bad the spill was, we may be only clean to the point where it is less visible.

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