Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Green Cleaning For You Upholstery Cleaning in Dublin

Why should I get my suite of furniture professionally cleaned?

Your upholstery will be beautifully clean and fresh with all bad odours and bacteria eradicated!.  Our deep cleaning process removes more dirt than vacuuming or sponge cleaning.

Our cleaning process removes allergens, dust mites, dirt, and pet dander that build up in Upholstery over time.

Having your sofa professionally cleaned prolongs life – dirt that builds up in the fibres is abrasive our cleaning process removes all dirt.

Even the best vacuum cleaners only remove dirt on the surface they can’t get deep into the fibres to remove ground in dirt.

Our cleaning process gets deep into the fibres removing all dust, pet hair and other particles that can build up over time.   Having a professional clean will make your sofa fibres softer and prolong the life of your couch.

Whats the process to clean my couch?

1) We examine the condition and type of suite in order to determine the type of fabric, presence of stains and level of dirt.

2) Before cleaning, stains and spots are first treated with special agents, depending on how delicate the fibres are.

3) Our team always uses overshoes to ensure the highest quality of services and cleanliness in your home or office.

4) We use the hot water extraction method the same technique we use for carpet cleaning, this method is extremely effective for stain removal and is recommended by sofa manufacturers.

How is my upholstery protected?

In order to prolong the life of your suite of furniture we recommend the use of a protection treatment. The treatment is applied to the upholstery and forms a barrier protecting against stains and premature wear, it can even help when it comes to regular vacuuming as the fibres are less sticky!

If you are interested in giving your upholstery a new lease of life – give us a call to discuss your upholstery cleaning needs.

Green Cleaning For You  can clean any suite of furniture…  Leather, Suede or Fabric..  If it has foam we can clean it…

How do I book to get my sofa professionally cleaned?

You can either book over the phone by calling (01) 839 7730, alternatively you can booking online by clicking this link ==>> https://store.gcfy.ie/#upholstery

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